Unity CampVention September 11-13, 2020. Located at Camp Rising Sun Rd., Kaiser, Mo. 65047

There are only 200 registrations which are sold on a first come first serve basis. Registration includes food (meals, snacks and beverages) and a bed but does not include bedding (blankets, sheets, and pillows) and toiletries (Soap, shower sandals, and toothpaste).

Day passes, including entry and snacks, will be available during the convention and can be purchased on site. $10.00 for a single day and $15.00 for multiple. CASH ONLY.

In order to ensure a smooth registration process please understand that the name given during checkout must match the name of the person who claims the registration at the convention. If you are purchasing the registration for someone else please notify or text Linda H. at 314-808-7286

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